My Bucket List

  1. Have amazing sex outside in the rain
  2. Sleep under the stars with someone I love
  3. See Adelitas’s Way in concert.
  4. Make a difference in someone’s life
  5. Be part of a flash mob
  6. Witness a miracle
  7. Bonfire on the beach
  8. Experience a sunrise on top of a mountain
  9. See the Northern Lights
  10. Fall in love with someone who truly loves me back with everything he has…
  11. Road trip with my friends
  12. Visit Maine in the fall
  13. Attend Chinese New Year
  14. Attend a boxing match
  15. Buy a hot dog from a hot dog cart in New York
  16. Visit Ireland
  17. Learn how to speak Spanish
  18. Be someone’s everything
  19. Get a tattoo
  20. Shuck an oyster (even though I don’t eat em.. just want to give it a try)
  21. Stand under a waterfall and get one hell of an amazing kiss
  22.  mud wrestle
  23. I want to get into a paint fight with someone….. all different colors….
  24. Watch the release of chinese lanterns